At Central Michigan Hardwoods, we use only the best equipment to maintain our high quality standards.

Green Lumber Processing

We use a sophisticated system of machines to simultaneously grade, sort and trim the green lumber that we bring in. After the lumber has been sorted, it goes to our stacker. This is where a green pack becomes a stickered pack and is made ready for the kiln drying process. These two pieces of equipment are the first part in the lumbers journey through our facility.

Dry Lumber Processing

After the lumber is kiln dried to satisfaction, the dry, stickered packs travel to one of our planers for two-face surfacing. They exit the planer and are graded according to customer specifications and are sorted, piled and made ready for shipping.

Wood Waste Boiler

Our kiln system is run using a wood waste boiler instead of a natural gas boiler. This has many benefits. It not only is convenient for us by allowing us to take full advantage of our manufacturing byproduct, but it is a great alternative environmentally. It allows us to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and dramatically lowers our emissions.