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Our facility sits on a 22 acre property in Coopersville. Being located in Michigan, we have access to some of the country's best forests for lumber harvesting.

Central Michigan Hardwoods is fully equipped with 10 dry kilns, allowing us to dry 20 million feet of lumber per year.

All of our lumber is kiln dried using kilns that operate off of a wood waste boiler. Our wood waste boiler is much more efficient than a natural gas fueled boiler which is a great benefit to us, but more importantly, the environment.

Incoming lumber is simultaneously graded, trimmed and sorted. After it has been sorted, it goes to our stacker where a green pack becomes a stickered pack. These packs are sent to the kilns.

After the lumber is dried it travels to one of our planers for two-face surfacing. It exits the planer and is graded and made ready for shipping.

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